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3D Mouse Pad

Sephni is a professional and credible online animation store. Our products are high-quality mouse pads. For example: 3D mouse pad, butt mouse pad,boob mouse pad, oppai mouse pad, giant oppai mouse pad, life size mouse pad, hentai mouse pad.

There are various mouse pads with cartoon characters for you to choose on Sephni, for example: nami, asuna, hatsune miku, rem, kuriyama mirai, zero, astorford. Besides, we also have League of Legends mouse pads which are unique and original.

If you like playing games, our mouse pads are which you don’t want to miss.When you’re working, studying or playing games, our 3D mouse pad can reduce the pressure on your wrist.


Ergonomic design, reduce tiredness With a suitable height of the wrist support, it’s ergonomic design, which can effectively reduce wrist tiredness and protect you from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Silicone wrist support Filled with environmental silicone, the wrist support gives you a very real feeling when you press or knead it.

Anti-slip, not easy to slide With anti-slip backing material, it’s not easy to slide in use. (With a protective film on the surface, just remove it when you use it)

Anime Series

Azur Lane 1
League of legends Logo
Honkai Impact 3 Logo 2
Demon Slayer

Hentai Mouse Pad

Hentai Mouse Pads are featured products of Sephni which are very popular with Otaku.

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Custom 3D Mouse Pad

We accept one-piece customization and NSFW pictures are supported.


2 Way


22cmx26cmx3cm, 32cmx39cmx5cm, 48cmx38cmx8cm

Image Format

NSFW pictures are supported.

Customization Process

Step One

Choose the size of the mouse pad you want to customize and order it.

Step Two
After placing the order, please send your design draft to our email: Please use the email you left in the order to send pictures).

Step Three

After we receive the design draft sent by you, we will make the effect picture and send it to your email. After you confirm it, we will make the product.


1.Choose pictures with high pixels, otherwise the image on the mouse pad may be blurred.
2. Due to a variety of factors, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from that displayed on the website.

Official Email


Time Cost Area
Flat rate 15-35 Days $10 Worldwide
Fast Shipping 7-15 Days $20 Worldwide

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